Steam Fair 2014 Update

Building Towards Steam Fair 2014

Bon Accord Steam Engine Club are working hard to bring together the 2014 Steam Fair, with this firmly in mind we are pleased to announce our latest entry.

Bon Accord Steam Engine Club are hoping for a new steam exhibit to attend the 2014 Steam Fair at Castle Fraser. Hopefully, this engine will be making it’s first-time
public appearance in over fifty years. The engine was exported to a collector in Canada where it was stored and kept in good condition until repatriated by a regular attendant to our Fair. This was a mammoth task to ship and transport the engine halfway around the world. It has recently been thoroughly tested and returned to working condition and we look forward to seeing it at Castle Fraser on the 21st & 22nd of June. Full details will be given nearer the event.

The entry list of steam exhibits at the fair is coming in daily and we are expecting to have well over 30 full-size engines and several scale model engines all in full steam. Our event is the largest gathering of engines in Scotland. On display, there will also be numerous other non-steam exhibits including Vintage and Classic Cars, Vintage motorcycles, Historic Commercial vehicles, Vintage tractors and stationary engines.