Bon Accord Steam Engine Club

A new visitor to the 2018 Steam Fair

We have several new exhibits at the 2018 Bon Accord Steam Engine Club Castle Fraser Steam Fair, and one such exhibit is the Brown Families Garret Wagon.

Richard Garrett and Sons limited was an East Anglian steam engine manufacturer who were based in Leiston in Suffolk. This steam engine manufacturer was well known for its traction engines, roller and portable engines, however it also built some steam wagons. This wagon was built in 1926 and is a horse power steam wagon that was originally supplied to William Aitken Haulage contractors of Linlithgow, Scotland. After about six months, the wagon was returned to the manufacturer, as Aitkens were unhappy with the wagons performance. The wagon was rebuilt and sold on to Devon County Council, in who’s livery it has been restored. The wagon ceased working in the late 1950’s before being restored to operational condition and then sold to Mr Charles Matthew Snr of Toronto Canada. The engine returned to the UK with the current owners in 2012 and its preservation debut was at the 2017 Great Dorset Steam Fair. This is the only 6 ton superheated steam wagon left that was manufactured by Garretts and this is the furthest north that the wagon has ever travelled.


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