Bon Accord Steam Engine Club

Charlie Henderson retires from committee

Charlie Henderson decided to stand down as a committee member of the Bon Accord Steam Engine Club in October 2012.


Charlie has had an interest in vintage vehicles from a very young age. His uncle was the local carrier in Skene, He spent his school holidays helping him with deliveries running round the countryside in various old trucks. Charlie’s first introduction to steam engines was when he took up a driving job with J G Barrack at the age of 21.He drove and maintained their Fowler compound roller for many years.

He joined the Bon-Accord Steam Engine Club and became a committee member in the early 1990’s and has been a loyal supporter of the club since then. He had a desire to own his own vintage truck and was successful in purchasing a Albion lorry from the Aberdeen Co-operative Society about 30 years ago, he restored it to a very high standard and took part in vintage road runs as well as other local events.

Charlie continues his interest in steam by helping out Gary Thomson and the team at William Nicol Aberdeen.

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