Mister Arbuthnot's Cabinet of Curiosities

We are delighted to announce that the Bon Accord Sream Fair will be the very first public outing of Mister Arbuthnot's Cabinet of Curiosities.

Mister Arbuthnot's Cabinet of Curiosities

Aberdeenshire Museums Service hopes to re-create the excitement, wonder and spectacle of the original Peterhead collection, belonging to Adam Arbuthnot in the early 19th Century through this project.

The Victorian, 'Golden Age' of collecting brought many exciting and exotic objects to Peterhead, diligently and carefully collected by Mr Arbuthnot, and donated to the community.

This is a focused project designed for and by young people to link them to the place where they live, engaging them with their rich cultural heritage and their museum collections.

We anticipate this interactive approach to the interpretation of collections will inspire future heritage audiences.