Bon Accord Steam Engine Club

Banning vintage from our cities? We say no way!

The Scottish Parliament are currently reviewing the Transport (Scotland) Bill which introduces a ban on the movement and storage of historic vehicles which do not meet pollution and fuel efficiency standards in Scottish cities. The proposal is to do this through the introduction of Low Emissions Zones (LEZs).

The Bon Accord Steam Engine Club take this very seriously, considering the detrimental impact to our movement and wider community of vintage enthusiasts would be unthinkable. Although supportive of the Bill in general, we are taking action to ask our MSPs to support us in introducing an exemption clause for vehicles which fall under the “historic vehicle” taxation class.

The club will write a formal plea on behalf of the committee and our members to our MSPs in the North East of Scotland, asking them to back the proposed amendment to the bill to support and protect the longevity of our clubs mission.

We continue to liaise closely with other clubs in the UK and particularly want to thank the Federation of British Historic Vehicles Clubs (FBHVC) for their due diligence and raising awareness on this matter.

If you are a resident in Scotland, you too can get involved by lobbying your local MSP. However, time is running out and the deadline is Tuesday 4th June ahead of the next discussion on the Bill.

Click the below PDF for more information from the FBHVC.

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